About Us

Joe and Carroll Pisciotta owners of Joseph Carroll Photography are two people who love what they do. " We keep the tempo here very light. Our studio is like a little oasis here, surrounded by beauty, and just minutes from the city

With digital, we are excited about where photography is going today! Our world has expanded and taken us to new levels." "Our goal here says Joe, is to create a portrait for our clients that has a distinctive style and timeless quality. Our clients come to us because they see something unique and special in the quality of work that we do. "

"Our staff with their energy and creative spirit have helped to make our studio a warm and inviting place to be. We stay busy year round, so their dedication and hard work make it easier for Joe and I to work on and expand what we are doing here." says Carroll.

Carroll has won the prestigious Fuji Masterpiece award, New Approach award, best portrait of California as well as having been published in a Fuji advertisement to name a few. " My work is romantic in nature, ethereal with some. I love to capture the soul through expression and through ones body language. My feeling about what I do is that I am helping to make the world a little more beautiful each day.

Makiesa Ramsay

Frank Leonetti