Clothing & What to wear

Clothing can make or break your portrait, and is an essential ingredient to the style of your portrait. Here is what we recommend. Be creative!

Solid colors are always preferable because they are not distracting. Whatever colors you choose, please make sure that everyone is dressed in the same tone. Work for balance, harmony and color coordination. Select clothing that remains flattering when you are seated. Long sleeves or three quarter length are always recommended for adults mainly. If you like dressing creatively this should be fun. If not, well, just call us for help!

For children, we do have clothes on hand which are timeless and classic pieces. Please feel free to come in anytime to ensure that we have your child's size and that you find our clothes suitable for you. We also have a few things for adults. Call the studio or come by so that we can show you what is available.

For the high school senior, we recommend that you bring a selection of clothing to your session. Casual, formal, semi formal, edgey kind of things. Anything pertaining to a hobbie, like a musical instrument, pet, lettermans jacket, class ring, etc. This is a unique and special photo session.

For outdoor portraits, earth tones, white, cream, black, pale blue are the best choices.