1.Where are you located?
Our studio is located at 25958 Madison Ave. About 3 blocks south of the Walmart store between Guava and Fig St. We are on a 1 acre site not in a retail area. The studio is a beautiful house, used only as a business Photography Studio.
Directions : Exit the 15 freeway go west to Madison and turn left. Go south about 3 blocks we are on the left side.
2. What is your phone number?
Our Phone # is 951-461-8170.
3. What are your hours?
Tuesday- Saturday 10AM to 2pm always open. We have other days by appointment only always good to call first.951-461-8170. Our hours vary throughout the year. During the Holidays we are open later and on some Sundays and Thursday Evenings. Extended hours during the holidays.
4.What is a sitting fee?
This is the charge for the photographers time to create your portrait.
5. How long is my sitting going to be?
Sitting time varies depending on the amount of people and the number of kids. Normally we can do a sitting in 30-45 minutes. High Schools Seniors take 1-2 hours depending on which session you choose. Call us for details.
6. Are there any current Sitting specials?
Yes. We run sitting specials all the time. Call (951) 461-8170 for latest info.
7. What is your outside sitting fees?
Outdoor sitting fees vary. Off location fees start at $195.00 within a ten mile radius. Call studio for specific fees for after ten mile radius.
8. How many photographs will be taken?
Usually we take anywhere from 20- 40. Each sitting can vary and could have less or more.
9.What should we wear?
Please refer to our clothing guide page.
10. To plan for a successful sitting.
Be prepared things happen. Plan on all family members being ready much earlier than the appointment time that way if someone is not ready it doesn't hold up everyone. Color coordinate clothing (see clothing page) Shoes look better if they match the clothing style. For example formal attire doesn't look good with old tennis shoes. Ladies shevies on dresses and blouses look best. If you can make it in to the studio prior to your sitting date that is highly recommended . SOLID Color coordinated clothes works better than a mix of printed fabrics in family portraits.
11.When will my portraits be ready?
Generally the portraits take between 2-8 weeks. It mainly depends on the size of the order.
12. Should I bring my children to my sales appointment???
It is not forbidden but its not a good idea. Choosing your creative Joseph Carroll heirloom portraits takes your undivided attention and the time it takes to choose is always longer than you think. Many parents tell us they regret bringing their kids to the preview date.
13. How do I order my portraits and how much are the portraits?
After your sitting our receptionist will set up an appointment for a previewing of your portraits, usually from two days to a week after your sitting. We have variety of portrait price options so during your preview appointment our salesperson will cover all of our portrait plans.
14. What credit cards do you take?
15. When are payments due?
Payment is due at time of preview appointment.
16. Do you offer Retouching?
Yes we certainly do.
17. Do you have special sitting and promotional days?
Yes. For example In February we have Winter Fairies, in March we have live bunnies for Easter and many more "SPECIAL EVENTS" See our FACEBOOK for the latest events. See Our Blog page for more information.
Also these promotions have specially designed packages and prices.
18. Do you offer Photo Restoration?
Yes. We can repair old torn damaged photographs and return them many times to better than original condition.
. 951 461-8170