Family Photography

Anytime is a good time to have your family portrait done. Here’s Six reasons why we suggest getting yours done.

1.  Life is short.

2. You will never regret having it done.

3. Portrait art of you and your family.

4. Time passes quickly.

5. If you don’t do it, you won’t have it.

6. Your iPhone will never be good enough.

Session Description

Here at Joseph Carroll we are all about family portraits! If you haven’t had one in awhile, it’s important to think about how you want to portray you and your family. Do you want something fun and playful or something more formal, casual and relaxed.  Maybe you would like a very modern and simple look. We are here to help and give you plenty of ideas and possibilities! Connections are what it’s all about with respect to our photography and photographing families. We will capture the individuals within the family as well. We also encourage to bring in a musical instrument, a child’s favorite toy, or maybe your pet. You are investing in JOY!  The investment will last a lifetime! We get it. Our family is the most important part of our lives, and our portraits showcase all of us at our best! Our motto is “Your child, your family, your love…now it’s forever.

What's Included?

Up to a 1 hour session or longer.
Use of clothing and dressing room.
Choices of backdrops and outdoor areas on our one acre property.
A fun time!


Family Session
Session fee $249.00 for up to 12 people
$299 for Ten to Fifteen people
$299 for 15 +

$199 +