Great photography shouldn't be so hard.

With Joseph Carroll it isn't.

01. Book Session
Choose and book the session you want. You will be asked to schedule a 15-min consultation (phone or studio) to discuss the details of your session and book the day for your photoshoot.

02. Photoshoot
Come prepared to have a wonderful and amazing experience! We have a dressing room for any clothing changes for you and your family!

03. Preview
We will schedule a time for you to come in and preview your images at the time of your portrait session. At this appointment you will choose with our help what you want and need to show off your portrait art!

The Studio

Our little dream studio is unique and one of a kind! With many styles and backdrops we always have you in mind. We know how daunting getting ready can be, but it is all worth it when you arrive here and we will take care of the rest!

Why us?

When you come to Joseph Carroll Photography, we want to create something beautiful and unique that will reflect who you are. We are a full service, modern boutique studio, with not only an indoor studio, but with a full acre of outdoor studio areas to photograph. We will create a portrait that has lasting beauty, from digital size all the way up to lifesize. From start to finish, all of our work is hand crafted and meant to last. Many people think that their smartphones will be enough. We know that they won’t be! When you put your Joseph Carroll Portraits up, they will never come down!


We welcome you to come by and have a look around and even a cup of coffee if you like! Just make sure to check our studio hours!

Our Team

Here at Joseph Carroll Photography, we truly have the best team!

From the moment you walk into the studio, someone is there to help. We work together here to create a portrait experience that is fun, joyful, and creative. Because we’re experts at what we do!


Carol Pisciotta

When you walk through our front door, I know I will be making friends. Happens every time. Why do I love to photograph you, your family, your child? Because I love portrait photography. It’s my passion. Your trust in me, will make me want to get creative, create a mood, create a feeling in your portrait, and all for you. Because it is all about you. With us, and you, anything is possible.
Manager/Art Director

Joseph Pisciotta

Joe as manager and art director, is busy behind the scenes. If you don’t see him, that’s because he’s working around the studio on client books, orders, running ads and fixing or making things for the studio . Oh yes and paying bills. He is also a woodworker and makes furniture to be used and is a true creative!
Sales Associate

Frank Leonetti

Frank Leonetti is the person you will most likely reach when you call or text our studio. He can answer any of your questions, and will direct you to Carol for your consultation. Frank is our inhouse sales associate as well as taking care of clients walking into our studio. Frank has been with our company for many years and we appreciate everything he does here.

Makiesa Ramsay

Makeisa Ramsay is a photographer as well as the best retouch artist. She also runs our production department and is a great problem solver. She helps Frank with any orders, sales and client questions. She too has been with us for many years and is an important part of our team with the happiest spirit!
Photographers Assistant


Carol is the sweetest and always collaborates with the family to provide them with personalized and gorgeous photos. My family has been coming here since we were young and we have continued to leave satisfied!
Ashley S.

I have endless good things to say about Joseph Carroll and the amazing quality of their photography. My family has had our photography done by them for over 20 years. Their team of photographers are incredibly talented with all ages of children and always have a smile on their face.
Shannon R.

We have had Fairy and Mermaid pictures done here and we love them. They turned out beautiful! They were so great with my girls (5 and 7). I loved all the shot, it was hard to pick just a few lol. They have wonderful backgrounds and costumes. I Highly recommended!
Kathleen M.

Fantastic work, friendly people, will definitely be back again. We worked together to make the perfect shoot come true. I had a vision, Carol was fantastic with my children and understood exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much, I am proud to have these photos on my wall.
Scarlett V.

These are the best pictures I’ve ever had in my life thank you!!
Yolanda V.