Frequently Asked Questions

What do we want to do about Gift Certificates?

Added to FAQ section. Need a way to figure out how people can fill out a form and pay for Gift Certificates that then will notify JCP by email so they can mail out the gift certificates to recipient and notify the purchaser it was sent.

Payment processing for booking sessions?

Going to use Stripe Payments. We will sign the customer up with an account.

We discussed Products page, but need clarification on this?

Customer is going to supply us with products that they want to put on the website.  photobooks, canvas portraits, etc...

Are there particular product offerings you had in mind?

You have "Dance" gallery on old site. Is this part of one of the new galleries or did we miss this?

No Dance info to be put on new site

Do you guys have a portrait agreement of a list of policies that you want on the website?

Policy will be “Our policy is to make you very happy about your photography session and package with JCP.  Our sessions are non-refundable but can be rescheduled anytime and carry forward indefinitely.”